Josemaría Escrivá Obras
Studium Foundation
The Studium Foundation was established in Madrid on April 6, 2000. Its purpose is to promote "the publication and dissemination on a not-for-profit basis of literary works that contribute to the Christian and human education of persons, as well as to promote or participate in cultural activities that have the same character of formation or dissemination of human and spiritual values."

Since January of 2001, the Foundation has administered the rights outside of Spain, in all languages, to St. Josemara Escriv's works, as well as other books. It is located at Castell, 115 - 28006 Madrid ([email protected]). The president of the Foundation is Rafael Palomino Lozano, and the secretary is Jess Mara Mnguez.

During this last year the Foundation has received numerous requests to publish the works of St. Josemara in various languages. The majority of the requests have come from countries in the developing world.

They are usually requests from people who have been spiritually moved by reading the books of St. Josemara: for example, requests from Armenia, Greece or Romania.

Other times, local publishers have taken the initiative, or bishops, who see the good that these works would do among the faithful of their dioceses: for example, a request from the bishop of the archeparchy of Kottayam for the region of Malabar, of the Syro-Malabar rite in India, who has promoted the publication of The Way of the Cross in Malayalam.